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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If you see these two, send them over!

Funny Pictures - Cute Kittens
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Ok, I'm a sucker for a cute kitty or two. 
I have my own herd of cats, Lily, Jonny, Sweetie Cat, and Mr. Whiskers.
I love icanhascheezeburger.com

I just wish that my kitties would appreciate the lovely outfits that I would be so happy to make for them,

                                                                               This is Lily.

This is Mr. Whiskers, with some 'nip.  He likes 'nip.
This is Jonny. In the car....Jonny has a very "colorful" past.
This is Sweetie Cat.  She is from Sweeden.

So there you go. So many kitties to love!  


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