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Sunday, July 10, 2011

I knew this would happen.....


I knew this would happen...I started off documenting my daily life, and got bored, or shy about sharing everything.

Some folks are so good at this....

I'm gonna try again. 

I really have been up to some fun stuff lately!

I started getting out on the ocean again.

Here's Amy goofing around the harbor.  

Annie and I rented some real nice Ocean Kayaks at Channel Islands Kayaks, and had a blast paddling around the harbor.

Then Jim and I went out, and tomorrow we are all going out together!

It's super fun!

The other news is that I finally got my Kitchenaid stand up mixer!  It has the bowl lift, and is absolutely amazing!  You wouldn't believe the stuff I have made!  And it is all turning out perfectly.  Amazing!

I have made bagels,
and, yes, there are a few heart shaped ones.  That's the beauty of making them yourself!  We like small bagels which are 30 to 40 calories each!

And pita bread.
We had these with homemade Hummus last night, and they were yummy!

And hamburger buns.

Rosemary, onion bread.

Oatmeal honey nut bread.

Cinnamon sugar walnut bread. 

I will post pics and recipes.

Well thanks for reading, and let me know which recipes you would like first.

I have started summer training with the cats.

Hopefully by the end of summer they will all learn their parts and we can put on a youtube show!

Perhaps I'll take some photos of our training sessions.



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