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Monday, March 14, 2011


I am so saddened about what has happened in Japan.  It makes me want to just hug my girls and never let them go.  The thought of children searching for their parents, cold and alone, is just too overwhelmingly sad for me to think about.   

I found this list of ways to help the people of Japan:

The Red Cross is accepting donations on its Web site and via text message. Amazon has also posted links on its sites to the Red Cross. When donating online, the organization will give you the option of donating directly to the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami, to other efforts on which the Red Cross is working, or simply where the need is greatest. To make a $10 donation via your mobile phone, text REDCROSS to 90999.
The Salvation Army in Japan has three emergency service relief teams working throughout the affected regions in Japan. One of those teams is working with people who have been evacuated from the area around the damaged nuclear power plants. Additional emergency service personnel will soon leave London for Japan. The organization said that a trip from Tokyo to Sendai, which normally takes six hours, recently took 20 hours. The group is accepting donations online, and mobile users can also text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888 to donate $10.
GlobalGiving: This organization is working with International Medical Corps, Save the Children, and other organizations on the ground. Text JAPAN to 50555 to donate.
Save the Children Federation: The group said it has teams within 80 miles of the nuclear reactor at Fukushima to assess the needs of children. To donate, text JAPAN or TSUNAMI to 20222.
International Medical Corps: The group said it will focus its efforts on earthquake and tsunami affected communities that have not yet been reached. To donate, text MED to 80888.
Mercy Corps: On Sunday, Mercy Corps partner Peace Winds conducted assessments in two devastated cities in northeast Japan, Ishimaki and Kesennuma. On Monday they'll helicopter 30 family-sized tents for homeless survivors in Kesennuma, plus materials to construct a 100-person balloon shelter, Mercy Corps said. To donate, text MERCY to 25383.
Convoy of Hope: This faith-based hunger group will deploy teams and supplies to devastated areas. Text TSUNAMI to 50555 to donate $10.
World Relief: This faith-based organization is part of the National Association of Evangelicals. World Relief said it is in touch with the Japanese Evangelical Association, and will respond as necessary. To donate, text WAVE to 50555.
Adventist Development and Relief Agency: ADRA has committed an initial response to $25,000 and sent an assessment team to evaluate and prepare a broader response. At this point, ADRA is providing food and shelter at the Central Tokyo Seventh-day Adventist Church for train passengers stranded in Tokyo. Text SUPPORT to 85944 to donate.
World Vision: The group said it will establish one or more child-friendly spaces - sites for children affected by disasters intended to help them resume normal childhood activities that are lost after emergencies. To donate, text 4JAPAN or 4TSUNAMI to 20222.
Alibaba.com's AliExpress is allowing users to purchase disaster relief and emergency items at cost, which the company will ship to Japan free of charge. Shoppers can buy things like a small tent for $10.52, LED flashlight for $0.44, a sleeping bag for $7.69, and more. Specify "Japan Earthquake Relief" as the shipping address at checkout and Alibaba will send the items from its Shanghai warehouse to Japan.
Please, we all must find a way to help.
It is just too sad.

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