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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hee hee.  I like to challenge myself.  Today, I made another train case, and I didn't melt the zipper with my iron.  This one is a bit larger and has a double zipper.  It also has a handle.  Yay, little victories keep me going.  Here is a pic of both together:
I really wanted to put this in my etsy shop, but, some of the stitching is a little wonky, and the inside is a little bit puckery.  I might have to just keep it for myself.  (oh, darn!)

Now, just need to plan a getaway so I can use it!



  1. I absolutely love these! I've been quilting by hand for about 11 years however lately been branching out to sewing bags, purses, etc., and these are gorgeous. I would love to try one but zippers scare me! What do you think? Can a semi-novice make these?
    Happy Stitching!

  2. Sure, you could do it! Zippers are not scary at all...unless you come close to them with a hot iron. Really, it is just a matter of making your sandwich properly! The toughest part of making these was attaching the top and bottom inside and out. :) I think you could make this. If you get stuck I'll help any way I can.



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